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It was driving great, went to Kroger, came home. 20 min later I went to leave and I just get a single metallic clack

Car has new,
• Battery cables,
• 950 amp battery
• Starter
• Alternator

Battery has 12.5 +/- amps

• I tried tapping the starter with a hammer even though new, no luck
• I checked the connection at the starter where I had to splice a wire connector on
(supplied with crimp connectors). Its a good connection.
• Tried moving the shifter around to see if the neutral safety was messed up. No change.
• Turned the crank with a wrench to make sure it wasn't hitting a tooth or something. No change.

I sorta suspect the new starter but it seems as though something is actuating inside it
I am fairly sure the Viper alarm/starter kill isn't an issue

Suggestions on what to check next?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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