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2.3l AI

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Iv got a 92 LX 2.3 and wanted to put a cold air intake on it but ran into a few problems and idk what to do about them. As i was about to disassemble the air intake i found 2 (what i assume are vaccum lines) but idk if they are of any use so i was wondering what i do about? Can i just cap them and then that other plug which i assume to be a (TPS) sensor. What do i do about them? Ik the MAF sensors needs to be on and i can rig that up but iv nothing on the 2 lines and the 1 plug. I followed the 2 lines back, one goes into(2nd photo) and the other which leads from the lower intake into the firewall on the passenger side. Can anyone help or tell me what theyve come up with for a custom AI? Thanks to all!
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