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--Turbo block with crank, hned cylinder walls, new main bearings, new rear main seal, chrome oil pump block off, new timing gasket, auxillary shaft w/ gear and seals, new high flow oil pump and pushrod, oil pickup, new freze plugs. $140

Brown top Injectors $30

-Roller Cam. $30

-Also have a LB3 Computer $50

Forged pistons, stock size, cleaned in the dip tank, new rod bearings on them. $55

IHI Turbo $50

Gutted lower intake $30

Cleaned throttle Body $25

-flywheel $20
-upper intake $20
-Ive got a single plug head too so if you want that lemme know.
-alot of misc. parts just ask and il see it i have it
(prices do NOT include shipping)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts