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Hey guys. So a little more than two years ago I bought my 2014 V6 Base Model Mustang, and I didn't really understand at the time how big the Mustang community was. Not long after buying the car, I found this website and made a post about it. I was a young, excited, and enthusiastic first-time Mustang owner. After I started looking into the aftermarket mod community, I quickly realized I was headed down a rabbit hole that I would not soon be out of. Anyway, I figured I would post the list of mods that I have made so far to the car here as sort of.. an update.

Disclaimer: The V6 was purchased over the V8 because of the insurance and gas savings, since this was (and still is) my daily driver. As such, I decided that I wanted to make this car more of a 'show car' than a 'track car'.

Aftermarket Mods:

Sequential Tail Lights
Kenwood Touch Screen Stereo
Dual Kenwood 12" Subwoofers & Custom Box
Esky EC180 Back-up Camera
SR Performance Lowering Springs
19" GT500 Blackened Machined Rims
Underglow Lights
Wheel Well Lights
Engine Bay Lights
Interior Lights
Trunk Light
Escort 8500 Radar Detector & Direct Wire Smartcord
Lambo Door Hinges w/ custom work
California Style 4 Post Rear Spoiler
RTR Front Chin Spoiler
Hood Struts
Flowmaster 10 Series Exhaust
Engine Cover
MMD Battery Cover
Spectre Chrome Wire Loom
MMD 5in Short Antenna
Modern Billet Chrome Underhood Dress-up Kit
Motorcraft Automatic Headlamp Switch
Willpak Aluminum Rear Window Louvers

I'll also post some pics of the project so far. Hope you guys like! Would love to hear about your own projects!


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That's a nice looking car, I'm not a fan of the lights, but you can tell you take care of it.
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