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Hey everyone,

I had a few quick questions if anyone would be able to help me.

I had recently bought a 2000 Mustang V6 5-Speed and it has some weird issues. First off. I bought it thinking the head gasket (or gaskets) were blown, to my luck the water in the oil is just from it sitting for 6 years (Last actual registration was in 2015). At least thats what I was told. But past the blown head gasket issue if it is, I was wondering how to decode what engine i have. I had tried to look around on a bunch of fourmes but no one had a good explanation. I heard the 00's came with 2 3.8L engines. One being an Internally Balanced one and one being External.

If I were to pick up a lower mikeage engine I need to know which one it is. If there is any way to decode this that would help me a lot

Thanks everyone.
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