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Hey Everyone,
I'm a noobie here, and a little bit of a noobie at cars. I went to Wyotech and took advanced diagnostics, so this problem should be fairly simple for me...but it is not. I hope someone knows about how to correct this problem to help me and possibly others with the same problem, so lets get into it.

I bought the car with 130,000 miles, so I knew I was going to have some issues. It started fine and ran fine for a few weeks and then one day, I go to start it and it did one click and all electrical died in the car.

I then remove the negative cable from the battery and re-connect, all electrical is back up. So I try to start it again, and one click, all electrical is dead again.

Then, I ran a jumper wire from the starter terminal up to the battery positive and the engine started to crank! Good news, there must have been some corrosion on the terminal. So I connected the wire to the terminal and keep it by the battery just in case this problem happens again.

So the car runs great for a few months and the problem is back. But now my jumper wire won't start the car. I got under there and thought maybe the terminal needs the dielectric grease. That did not help either. So I brush the battery positive lightly after 10 tries and it finally starts...the key also will start it.

I have a feeling this problem will come back in another month or so. Is the starter bad or the solenoid bad? Maybe just the terminals are bad? There is not any rust or corrosion that I can see anyway. I can't see much of the starter from underneath the car and looks very difficult to remove with the tools I have. (There is not much space to work with near the starter because of suspension components.)

If any of you have had this problem or can suggest anything, please let me know. It is bugging the hell out of me. Thanks in advance.
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