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I am a soldier in the army with a pretty big problem. My car broke down. It is a great car but just wont work right now.

HISTORY OF PROBLEM: My wife was driving home from the hospital when all of a sudden she said it started losing hoarse power. she would push gas pedle down but it would not go faster. After a couple sec. she heard a pinging noise from right side of engine. The engine then staled ( no back fire) It started up one time after that but within one minute it stoped. It has not started since.

AFTER: The engine will turn over very fast but will not fire off.

CHECKED: We checked to make sure the spark plugs would fire off and they did. We checked to make sure the compression was good and it was. We checked to make sure we had fuel pressure and we did. We checked to see if there was any codes with a code finder and there wasnt.

INTERVENTIOns: the only way to get the motor to fire up is if you spray carb. cleaner in the intake it will turn on for a couple sec.

REPLACED SINCE PROBLEM: fuel pump, spark plugs, crank position sensor, fuel filter

Other than that i have had 4 different mechanis look at it and no one can figure out what is wrong please help i have a famiy of four and this is our only transportation, i haev no other way to get my family around and have spent over $450 already and gatten no where. PLEASE HELP
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