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2003 roush/vert/GT/mach1hood/ beautiful

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this is more of a feeler add, but anyway its an 2003 GT vert. Leather interior, mach 1000 stereo (has two 10" subs). CDC Light bar, mach 1 hood, roush stage 3 body, 18" chrome VSR wheels, 200mph tires, steeda tri-ax shifter, long tube headers, light weight pullies, diablo programmer and tune, fender well cold air induction kit, silverstar headlights, Autometer/ROUSH gauges (the 500.00 ones, not the cheap roush overlay). Steeda lowering springs, performance shocks and struts, 4.10 rear end gear (master installed), O/R H pipe, 40 series flow masters, custom made exhaust tips) the convertible top was replaced under warrant by ford, The car has about 30k miles on it, garage kept, no track time on it, no burn outs. No issues whatsoever, all synthetic fluids, the car actually gets about 22 mpg. Excellent condition, a few little normal wear areas, but washed every week, leather treated every two weeks, top conditioned 2x a month. I figure Ive got around 8k in mods and work done to this car, the kBB is about 16K private party, I think that 19,000 is a pretty fair price for a hell of a head turner... I have had random girls at the strip (Myrtle beach) get in the car with me. The car sounds like no other mustang I have ever heard b/c my mechanic friend made the H pipe... extremely aggressive sound - but doesnt hurt your ears like others. The mach 1 hood alone cost me over 1000.00 bucks, the rims were 1800, the roll bar was 800 installed, the long tubes were 800 installed, the gear was 550 installed (new bearings)...

Anyway Im open to offers, but I think its a great deal for what it is, as you know the name of the game in mustangs is all about CONDITION and how the car has been DRIVEN... every shift on this car has been rev match, the snycrhos perform flawlessly. the car also has some custom paint work, and the mach shaker is raised to look sick

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I am selling an actual 2003 Roush Stage 2 with only 36,000 miles and I started out my price at $19,000 and have since had to drop the price down to $17,000. I had a few interested people but nothing has panned out yet. I agree that your car is worth around 19,000 but it's just finding someone willing to pay that much. Good luck with your sale. It is Spring now so i'm sure there are more people looking to buy a nice ride.
you would be retarded your sell your car for 17K, but given the mods, condition ... its worth it. My friend just sold his (except it was a saleen clone) for 19K. Just have to find a buyer who realizes how much all this stuff costs
what kind of race car you using the money for?? I like that stang!
99-04 turbo track car... thats exactly my problem the car is to nice to do the chasis mods and such I want to do - cage, tub, through panel stiffening
gotta 97 turbo already built...just needs you to cage it out??? makes over 800 to the wheels on liek to trade or a vert 99-04
hmm really depends on what is done, bc id take it all out and put it in a 99-04, interested in learning about it though
Twat ashame...its for sale on her under 97 Gobra TT
ok guys, $18,500 obo, im gettin more serious about selling now
This is a great car guys, I'd have purchased it from him but he didn't wanna give me a friends deal on the car because it is that nice and he has put that much time and effort into it.

Bump for the sale
PS I want your gauges biznatch ...
bump ..
sorry I haven't been on for a while, lowered price $17,999
Price bump, Ive been checking autotrader and for miles and mods, this is a good price, there are dealers selling stockers for 18,900... and private parties selling for 16ish,
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