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I'm doing rack mount tubes and bushing as of tomorrow on my 2004 Cobra.

I have the following parts for the job:
2 tubes: E5DZ-3K620-A
4 of the Prothane Rack Bushings: 6-703, they say 61096 on the back though

Is the inside diameter of all 4 Pro-thane bushings supposed to be the same? I noticed the tubes are larger on one side and smaller on the other. All 4 bushings slide on the tube, obviously loose on one side very tight on the other.

Once you remove all 4 old bushings and tubes, the smaller outside diameter end of the rack tube is slid through the front of the rack to the rear of the car. Shave 1 mm of material off the large end outside diameter facing the front of the car. Tap Urethane bushing on the front side. Go around to the rear of the rack, slide loose fitting bushing on the small OD side. Then slide the bolt through and put the nut and washer back on? Do I have that right?

Thanks in advance guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts