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I have seen another tread on this topic, but after going through the whole problem with a water leak I can add a couple more info.
ALL 2005-2009 mustangs will eventually have a water leak problem.

From two main places, both affecting the passenger side:

1. First water leak comes from the cowls, where usually the drain "grommet" gets blocked. and an overall weak design. Ford released a way to fix this problem you can visit:

Another major water leak comes from the passenger side window weather striping. You can find a video of this on youtube. Water flows from the corner straight down inside the door also by the sjb.

Most important, since the water leak usually happens in the front passenger side, it falls right on the SJB (smart junction box) which controls all of your lighting. Continuous water leakage will short the sjb and you will need to replace it ($302+programming $100) further damage can be up to $3000, including sbc, programming, wires/cables going to battery etc.
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