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2005 procharged Mustang Gt 500hp $22000

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hey would you take a even trade for the car? for an 2002 f250? with only 51,000 miles? and i give you a grand
Sorry, not interested in trades at this price and I already have an 02 F350.
No offense and Im not trying to bust your chops for 22k is a little steep for an 05 w/ 39k miles. I paid 24k for my 06 vert w/ 7k miles ( from a dealer non-the-less... Just wanted to give you an idea...
22 alittle steep for a procharged 05 with Rims and extras? It's book is 21,7 for a stock one. :confused: We decided to keep it after the snow melted and I got to drive it. I forgot how much fun the car is to drive. So it's no longer for sale.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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