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Hard Core Muscle, a San Diego based custom automotive shop, is presently building two Hot Wheels cars, a 2010 Mustang and Camaro. These vehicles will be a life size scale version of Mattel’s upcoming Hot Wheels die cast models. Projects of this level are kept out of sight due to protocol.

The build out includes everything from custom paint to performance upgrades. The completion of these Hot Wheels cars is definitely something you want to follow.

The vehicles are scheduled to be officially unveiled at SEMA in Las Vegas NV on November 3 2009.

Hard Core Muscle is opening their doors to local automotive enthusiast on October 31, 2009 for a sneak peak at the Mustang and Camaro. Only 500 will be allowed into their facility for the unveiling. Reserve your chance to see the next Hot Wheels models by emailing [email protected].

We'd also like to get everyone's feedback, let us know what you'd like to see on the Mustang. I can tell you that it will have a Vortec Supercharger...

Spots are filling up fast for October 31st, if anyone is interested in coming let me know and we'll start our own list here.

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