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2010 racing stripes

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So i have a 2010 white mustang and ive been wanting to get some racing stripes on it for a while now but i cant decide on a design.
The picture i have attached is a mock up i did with some brown paper i had laying around for protecting the carpet when you paint. i found some dimensions on the internet and these are 1/4" pin stripe 1/4" gap 11.5" main line and 2" gap between the two. In person the gap looks a little bigger than it does in the picture so im debating closing the gap to 1.5".
But then i got a crazy idea and i thought why not put pin stripes on both sides of the thick line. So my other idea, which i still have to mock up, would be the same 1/4" pin stripe with 1/4" gap, but then a 11" stripe with another set of 1/4" gaps and pinstripes on the other side with a 1 1/2" gap in between the two. haha that sounds very weird reading over it again but from left to right it would be 1/4" pin 1/4" gap 11" stripe 1/4" gap 1/4" pin 1 1/2" main gap 1/4" pin 1/4" gap 11" stripe 1/4" gap 1/4 pin.
Oh, and the lines would stop just before the edge of the hood, as in they wouldnt go all the way down the front.

im gonna mock it up later ill post up the pic, but let me know what you guys think.
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IMO i like racing stripes to have a pinstripe around the whole stripe(your second idea) or no pinstripes at all
What did you find? I'm looking all over for stripes also, my car is black but I thought this set looked good for a white car -
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