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You can run more power/boost with a centri. It is more common and accepted. The problem you first run into with the engine blowing the **** up is the rods, and they break from torque. So There are some people that run stupid boost forever, and never have a problem, and others will run 10psi for 3 days and blow up.

It is about tuning, your kit working right, not having cmcv's on a centri car, Supporting mods. Not running more than 10 psi, your air/fuel being correct, Changing your oil on time or early, using mobil 1 or any full synthetic(yes full synthetic and it does matter I don't care what anyone says, My friend goes to school here The Most Respected Name in Motorsports Education - School of Automotive Machinists and he builds stupid ****ing cars from nothing, I trust him). And keeping your engine clean (oil seperator, clean the maf, clean the TB, ect), If the car runs clean and strong you will have alot less problems.

450rwhp is plenty, and is infact the "safe" zone. 480-500rwhp on a centri is pushing it, but should be solid for a while. But you will need forged internals soon for a safe and reliable motor.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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