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2012 Mustang GT Premium with RS3 package (lowered, suspension mods, 20" wheels) all standard RS3 equipment). 44k miles.

Randomly and maybe 75% of the time I notice the steering is tight to the left and loose to the right. Cycling through Comfort, Standard, and Sport modes does nothing. It is more noticeable in Sport mode, but even in Comfort you can still feel it. Car seems aligned fine as it does not pull to one side or the other. Had it parked in the garage with a smooth concrete floor, tried the wheel with engine running (still loose to right) and engine off (felt same both ways). This leads me to believe it is something electronic instead of mechanical (not a rack/pinion problem?).

I'm getting ready to sell the car and don't want this to be an issue for the buyer. Any ideas or insight appreciated!

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