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Hi guys! Its been a long time since I have neglected you and I apologize for that because you all have given me nothing but good information so please forgive me.

I have a 2013 mustang gt. It is stock and has just hit its 50k mile mark. I have been driving it for 6mo and all of a sudden began to have problems.

First problem was I was getting a CEL for bank 2 02 sensor going out but the car was still driveable and I was going to save to get my Cats replaced anyway.

About a month ago I was driving my car home from work just cruising and noticed that the exhaust sounded kind of funny. The very next day I checked my CEL codes and nothing popped up new.

The next day I started getting a flashing CEL but it wouldnt stay on when I made it back home after my test run. The codes were and have been p0300, p0308, p0306, p0307, and p0306, and p0000. They didn't all come up at once each time was a different code.

Since diagnosing I have changed all spark plugs, Coil over plugs, and intake manifold. I cant seem to find the culprit and this is really getting frustrating. Has anyone had this issue before!???

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