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I was contacted by a client of mine who recently traded his GTI for an STI earlier this year. I had already washed, clayed and applied Sonax Polymer Net Shield to it but he wanted me to go ahead and do a full new car prep on it for him so that after it was corrected I could coat with with Opticoat V2. He also wanted some clear film removed on the rear doors and some de-badging and re-badging done. I did this correction about three weeks ago anyways on to the photos.

Tools & Products Used

Karcher 5.75M pressure washer
Mecline foam lance
Rupes LHR15ES
Griots Garage 3" polisher
Metro Masterblaster
Majestic Solutions Ultra Gloss
Kwazar Mercury Venus Pro
Zep Citrus @ different dilutions
Zep Purple @ different dilutions
3M General Adhesive Remover
Hair dryer
Dental Floss
Menzerna Powerlock
Ultima Waterless Wash+
Clay Magic Fine Grade Clay
Mothers Wool Wash Mitt
Mothers Billet Polish
Wheel Woolies
assortment of wheel brushes Mothers and Swissvax
assortment of Pakshak, Detailed Image, and Eurow microfibers
Menzerna FG400
Uber Green & LC Hydrotech Tangerine Pads in 4" and 5.5"
assortment of Adams Hand polishing pads
Optimum Opticoat V2
Optimum Optibond Tire Gel
Meguiars Plastic & Vinyl Coating on Engine bay and Trim
Blue hawk painters tape
IPA full strength and 50:50
Distilled Water
Compressed Air @120 PSI to blow out polishing dust from crevices


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Damn man thats a bad ass job.

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Thanks guys glad you liked it, I will be posting another write up tomorrow.
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