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First off I'm new to the forum so thanks guys for hosting an awesome sight.

My Mustang has developed a tick. It's not the BBQ tick that I've read so much about. It's a steady tick similar to a lifter tick. I've tried to nail it down to a specific cylinder by disconnecting the power to each cylinder via the coils. I've been told it's normal for our cars because of direct port and noisey engines.

Well from a dig my mustang has always been wickedly fast and from around a 60 roll getting on it. Well from 20-40 rolls lately it seems super weak. Didn't think much of it until today when some random guy at a gas station wanted to race from a roll. Super random and I shouldn't be racing on the street I know. Well from a 40 roll we were dead even and he had a stock GTP Grand Prix. Didn't even feel what seems like the normal "powerband" where my RPMs just fly by.

Car is still under warranty
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