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Check out as we take AMExpert Heather's, 2015 EcoBoost Mustang and give it an engine overhaul!​

We want to see the full potential of the EcoBoost engine so first we install a must-have-mod, a cold air intake. We decided on the C&L Cold Air Intake which is an enclosed air box set up, which will help to keep the intake temperatures low, allowing for maximum performance. Definitely a really good looking intake that wont break the bank in comparison to some of the others on site.

The next modification we install is The Borla Off-Road 3 inch Downpipe which will free up any restriction in airflow and allow for the turbo to spool more quickly.

To go along with The Borla Downpipe, we install The Borla ATAK Catback Exhaust for a more aggressive tone while also adding more performance gains. This exhaust offers one of the loudest sounds for the EcoBoost turbo system.

The final modification that ties all of these other mods together is The Cobb V3 tune. After a dyno run, this tune shows peak curve gains of 113 horsepower and 96 foot pounds of torque.

See all of these modifications and more Right Here!

Install List:

C&L Cold Air Intake
Borla Off-Road Downpipe
Borla ATAK Catback Exhaust
COBB Accessport V3
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