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2v vrs. 4v

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ok... i am new to the v8 forums. i was thinking about selling my v6 and getting a v8. i was wondering how much better a 4v is? am i better off getting a saleen or a cobra(same price)?
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If you can find a corbra fro the same price get it! Saleen I believe is a 2 v in the new edge era. 4v's have more potential and are the better choice, but the challenge is more to build a fast 2v that smokes a cobra.
or buy a 03 cobra and a aftermarket pulley and be done.
4vs take better to mods. If you have the financial means, definately go with the 4v
what they said. If you want lots of easy power get a 4v. If ya want a great name like saleen or roush and have money to build up a 2v do it.
A built 2V is good a built 4V is better if you have the mula than it would only be right to go with a 4V!
a 4v jsut breathes better so for mods its better...
is this seriously another thread about 2v vs. 4v's??? shoot me.

use the damn search button.
Actually which is better depends on your plans for the car. You can force a 2v to breathe with a supercharger or turbocharger. Cast rods and pistons are the limiting factor in both motors.

Stock 4v > Stock 2v
Stock 4v < S/C 2v
S/C 4v = S/C 2v
S/C 4v < Forged S/C 2v
Forged S/C 4v > Forged S/C 2v
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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