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3.8 to 4.2 question

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alrite so heres wut im wanting to do ....i have a 97 v6 mustang it a 3.8 single port...and im wanting to put the 4.2 bottom end off of a 97 and up f 150.....and then im wanting to put the 99-04 3.8 split port heads and upper/lower intake on top of that...just to throw ppl for a loop they will never exspect the 4.2 bottom end hard would this be to do and how much of a gain would i get....i kno the 4.2 block bolts up but other then that im not 100% sure
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I might suggest just pulling a hole motor out of a 97 and up F150 or something and re working that... and if you could just the core out of a 99 and up mustang that way you can take your time transfer what you need to and that sort of thing... after that drop the cleaned block and parts into your car...

also you might see 5-15 horse power gain
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