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Let me know if I need to add anything or take anything out.

If it is good enough, sticky it. If not, I feel special for writing it up anyway haha

3.8 to 4.6 swap

To start, this swap was done between a 96 3.8 car and a 98 gt car. The reason why I did it, I turbod by single port v6, wanted more power and I cammed it. Well it was awesome for the 30 miles it ran, got to beat up on a ws6 and a 1st gen talon. Was going in to town and in the driveway, there she went! I then found a 2001 3.8 motor and swapped that in. I tried for a few months to try and get it running right. In the process of getting that running right and out of frustration I went on craigslist, found a complete 98 gt with a salvage title for a thousand bucks. I ended up picking that up. It took about 2 weeks of sitting in my driveway and a few buddies taunting me to put the v8 in the v6 until I actually said eff it.

My first process was to research the sh** out of it and make sure I knew what I was getting in to. I am all for just jumping in and learning as you go, but there are too many variable that need to be perfect for the car to run afterwords. So if it is your first time digging in a motor, then I would start with something a little smaller.

Once I was convinced, I started taking parts off the v6, I wanted to get the v6 ready for the v8 first.

v6 parts that should come out:
Seats- it makes working under the dash way easier
any body panels- so you dont scratch anything
brake booster+ pedal assembly- be ready for a pain in the ars and a few curse words
I bent my brake lines to work with the v8 hydraboost, but the threads are the same so bend the lines how they need to be.
v6 rear end
gauge cluster

While the motor was out I switched the pedal assembly and hydra booster.

After I got the brake stuff in and hooked up (way easier with the motor out) I pulled the v8 motor.

I kept the motor an tranny together while pulling and putting the them in the car.
From here on out it was pretty much just transplanting parts.

From this point, I started wiring it. I used the gt harness from the driver side firewall all the way around to the computer. The dash harness I used the v6 one. You need to swap all the pats system or just send the computer off to be have the pats system taken out. You can also get a tune from sct or a place like that and tune it out through a mail order tune. The pats system cuts fuel, a good clue to watch for. All of the plugs will only plug up to the other end of the plug, just got to know what purpose the plug is and you can just figure out the placement of the plugs.

From here I put the wiring harnesses on, radiator in and plumbing.

It is a good time to do a clutch, rear main seal, oil pan, k member.. anything you can upgrade while the motor is out. I put a spec clutch in and I plan on building a motor to swap in so that is when the tubular k member will go in.

Make sure you have good grounds from wiring harness to frame and from engine block to frame. Dont forget about the PATS- Passive Antitheft System. And take your time and dont be in a hurry to start it up or you will have a good chance of forgetting something silly.

Just to make sure I get all the things needed, here is a list.
Wiring harness from computer
Wiring harness from computer to motor and tranny
Rear end
gauge cluster
motor mounts

V6 parts I kept

Fuze box and harness
K member
dash harness
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