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Hello All!

It's been a long time since I've posted, been away from the scene a while!

I've searched the forum trying to find what can be used as an x-pipe or h-pipe for a header-back exhaust setup without catalytic converters but haven't had much luck. I've searched a bunch of online vendors too for products, but it doesn't seem that anyone makes an off-road x-pipe or h-pipe for the 3.8L Mustangs. So I suppose my questions are:
- Does anyone know of any available off-road x-pipes or h-pipes (preferably h-pipe)?
- Does the x-pipe and h-pipes from a 94/95 GT bolt up to the 3.8L shortly headers? I can move brackets/hangers/etc, but am particularly curious if the flanges bolt up/mate to the collectors.

Thanks all for the help!
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