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I'm having an issue with my engine dying (more like cutting out) when I give it even just half throttle, and certainly when I floor it. As soon as I let off, it runs fine. I've done as much searching about this issue as I could online, but no one seems to have the solution. I can say that I swapped in a working tps and also a new fprs ( you know, the sensor on the fuel rail), and none of those things has helped. Car idles pretty well.
I do have a wideband installed and I've noticed that when the engine cuts out, the af ratio goes lean off the guage which makes me think that somehow I'm losing power to the fuel pumps. Anybody experience this type of thing before?
Quick rundown of the build:

stroked and forged teksid
99-01 intake (stock)
39lb injectors
pmas hpx maf (slot style in 3" tube blow thru setup)
procharger d1sc pullied for 8 or 9 lbs boost w/ 3 core intercooler
big red race blow off
03-04 cobra dual pump setup w/ twin walbro 255's
dual fpdm w/ upgraded wiring
autolite plugs (not sure what # but one colder than stock cobra plug gapped at .032)

Complete setup swapped into my '00 gt using gt pcm and wiring harness. Got a base tune from Willy at dirtydirtyracing setup for the maf. I filled in the rest with sniper special forces. Willy said tune looks good so far. Any and all replies appreciated!
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