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Ok Gents I'm going to go ahead after I get my garage done, I'm just going to do a 331. I've decided that I'm going to climb up the ladder in HP and since I want a few different cars set up different ways mechanically as well as cosmetically, I'm going to do the 331 first. I'll likely end up with 3 cars, last one being the Termi. Just a nice weekend driving streetcar for this setup

Going to re-use more than likely:

Edel performer rpm 2
TF 170's
24 lb injectors
75 mm maf
oem dizzy
shorty headers
x pipe
cold air pipe

Talking to builder last night, this is the list we came up with:

Scat 3.250 crank with 5.4 rod
Scat I beam rods

different set of polylocks for the 1.6 FR roller rockers ( Had the rockers since about 04. In 2014 and with limited miles put on since then, took heads to shop and had new springs, locks, and retainers put on due to a broken spring on no. 2 cylinder.) Just texted him as to rather new polylocks would be necessary

pistons ( he mentioned last night which ones)
6 qt Canton more than likely
28 oz balancer ( he mentioned a fluid would be excellent but just looked up prices so might not get one :)
custom grind cam that he will do
ARP main studs
157 or 164 T 28 oz flywheel????

I guess other things needed would be an oil pump
what else am I missing?

Labor he said would be anywhere from $7-1400 but probably more in the middle.

Anything else I'm missing or need to know, enlighten me.

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everyone must be on the groups now lol
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