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I have a 95 5.0 and have a pro-street 347 short block. I have pro comp 60cc chambers 210cc intake runners 2.05 intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves, dual springs 7/16 1.6 roller rockers on 7/16 studs. a typhoon upper/lower intake w/ 70mm tb and mac equal length headers.I got the short block from chp the internals are forged and rated at 800hp and the block at 650 hp. the pistons are flattop which will leave my compression around 10.5. question #1. what is the max lift i can use for the 2.05" valves with my flat top pistons with valve reliefs, springs are rated at .600"
#2. what cam should i use to get the most outta my setup (need to beat these turbo import cars lol) the compression to high to run zex wet kit w/150 shot
#4. what other things are NEEDED to make this engine fully functional in my manual 5.0 other than a tune or chip?
call me crazy but i'm wanting to produce 550 rwhp so any help would be grateful!
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