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Hello everyone,
Got a few questions for you guys. I have the opportunity to get my hands on a 99 mustang v6 cheap. I have a 351w that is sitting in my barn… What would it take to put it in? I know that it will bolt right up to the auto that is in it, I was just wondering what else would have to change for it to swap in and run.

In the end this would turn into a twin turbo setup as I already have the stuff to do this. I was going to drop this in my 91 but this project would be unique and very interesting. The 351 is fresh from machine shop so I would first like to get it running then add the turbos after a few miles on the motor.

This will be a fuel injected 351, I already have the stuff from the van that the motor came out of to run it, so I will be keeping it FI. I love my fox but this sounded to cool to turn away from.

Any insight would be welcome or suggestions to make this happen without to much cutting on the car will be most appreciated.
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