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What's up guys,
My son and I are new to the forum and just purchased a stock '00 GT 5spd.
Our MGW shifter will be arriving tomorrow, and our current finances will leave us room for one more "stage one" mod.
From what I've read here, it seems the 4:10 gear swap will be the way to go and then we'll move on to intake, headers and exhaust and a tune next.
Ford Performance Mustang 4.10 Gears and Install Kit 100577 (86-09 V8) (
We don't drive the GT very often, and driving long distance would be on a very rare occasion, if ever.

So, my question is, besides a drop in mpg and the speedo being off, is there anything else we should know before pulling the trigger on this gear set?
Will the factory axles and the factory limited slip diff be ok after the swap?
We have some fun now and then, but have rarely 'Hooned' it with the exception of a few burn outs, and a few quick launches now and then.

A friend owns a local shop, he's ASE certified and will be doing the work for us. He stays slammed with work, and has already told me that if I order the complete installation kit, everything will be cool.
Again, I just need clarification. Is there anything else we should be aware of before swapping the factory (3:27?) gear to 4:10?

Thanks in advance,
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