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4.10's or 3.73's

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i just got a nice deal on a 98 gt has about $4,000 in mods already but i noticed it was once an automatic because next to the T-5 i can see the sensors hanging that where once on the old tranny ( looked up the vin to confirm and made sure computer was changed and flashed ) i havent been able to get in touch with the guy to find out if he also changed the rear gear ( car seems sluggish of the line so im guessing not ) this is my first 4.6L and i hear that these engines just dont have the low end torque that my 5.0 did so im not sure if i NEED 4.10's or if 3.73's will be fine ... i know the benefits and negetives of both but on this engine which is best to use ... daily driver but i will race it on the track ( no drag racing )
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To be honest with you man, it just depends on what you wanna do with the car. 4.10 is a lot of gear. Some people have traction problems. So unless you want to get some new drag radials, i would go with the 3.73's. If you want to talk to someone who has 4.10's, message BWAL09. He has them in his cobra and has had some traction problems. And since your not planning on dragging it, i would stay away from them. 3.73's should be plenty for what it sounds like your doing with it.
if your not heavilly modded go with 410's you probably wont even feel a difference with 373's
oh and you can search this forum, there are a million threads about this same dilemma
yea, that is true. There is a lot of other people on here that have had the same problem, so check with them before you make your final choice.
i DD mine and i love the 3.73's. I've also taken it on a couple trips and they aren't bad. Any more and i'm not sure i'd like to take it on a trip(highway speeds and all)
4.10's all the way.......dont make the same mistake i did with 3.73's
thanks everyone ... i think i will notice a HUGE gain from 3.73's because since it was an automatic im already at a huge disadvantage with the final drive ratio ( 2.73 ) BUT im definetly taking this car road racing not drag so ima have to do more research ... i assume those of you that dont like the 3.73's is because thats not a huge gain from the stock 3.27's that came on alot of stangs as an options for the 96-98 or standard on the 99+
4.10's all the way.......dont make the same mistake i did with 3.73's
same. i have an auto, and if i had a do over on my gear choice, i would have gotten 4.10's

3.73's are great, don't get me wrong, but i'd like more.
RPM's are about he same at top end.
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