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Finally got around to make a "How to" for how I simply made my oil pan for my 4.2 swap

Contrary to popular belief it is possible to make a oil pan work for 4.2 v6 swap with very minor modification.

What you need:
3.8 v6 oil pan

Cut 2 Studs
Bend a bracket

In my 4.2 v6 swap I used a 3.8 v6 oil pan, even though many people claim you can't. While having the engine completely apart we noticed there was only two studs preventing the oil pan from bolting on. The oil pick up tube also needs to be bent a little as well.

The oil pan I used is from a 1994 3.8 v6 Mustang. I am unsure if there are any changes in oil pans as the years progressed, I cant imagine there is though. If someone could confirm a difference that would be great.

Step 1

Trim the two front studs so it looked like the picture below

Step 2

Bent the oil pick up tube so it looks like pictured below.
You will have to play around with it a little until you are happy with the location

Now the pan should fit on without any problems

I've been driving my car for years now without any oil problems.

Hope this helps anyone doing some research or anyone facing the problem.

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Nice job. The only thing I would add to the swap would be to make sure you check your pan to oil pick up clearance to make sure you have the proper spacing.

In regards to difference in pans, the 01+ 3.8 engines should have the same pan as the 4.2L. The 4.2 pans are pretty much square on the bottom, where as the earlier pans have a big "dimple" i guess is the best way to put it, shown below. The 01+ 3.8 is on the left, the 00 and before I believe shown on the right.

Also, in the pan on the left it looks like there are recesses in the pan for where the studs that you trimmed to fit are that are not in the pan on the right.
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