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4.6 ford mustang gt motor swap!!!

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i have a 2002 mustang Gt, i want to motor swap to a 2007 4.6 mustang gt!!
any recommendations ??
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different motor mounts im almost sure of it and ecu and lot of other things as well id just do a 4V swap instead of the 3V off a 2007 you will make more power with the 4V and everything goes in alot smoother plus it will probably cost the same for the 4V as the 3V..... and you will be spending alot of extra cash on fabrication on the 3V that could go to modding the 4V just get one from either a mach 1 or a cobra believe me you will like it more and it and it will cost you less in the long run
+1 on 4v swap

the 4v motors are becoming increasingly easier to find and there is more potential in them. not to mention that there is a boat load of info on the swap since its been done.

but if its somethin that your set on doin then alot of its going to be new stuff, there wont be much info... just as a heads up
the swap is not hard to do at all. you can use your ecm from your car with the new engine. everything will bolt up nice. there is a kit available for the swap you want to dod for like $300
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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