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Note: Im not a professional, in this test i used the waxes per the directions on the pot and used a different Microfiber cloth to buff off each wax. The whole trunk was polished with V36/White pad followed by SF4500/Blue pad. After polishing the entire trunk was IPAed twice with a clean MF cloth.

Ok i finally got my wax video uploaded. I polished and prepped my entire trunk the same way in order to make the test as fair as possible.

Here's the vid, and ill have some follow-up comments. Click it HD!
Chemical Guys vs. Zymol vs Wolfgang Fuzion - YouTube

Follow up thoughts:

I will be monitoring this test for the next 4-6 weeks to see which wax maintains better water behavior, this car is DD and is outside 24/7.

CG XXX: Big surprise on the beading compared to the other waxes especially for the price point, but we will see about durability over the next few weeks.

Zymol: Im pretty blown away by the shear hydrophobic tendencies of this wax. I cant wait to see the durability, if its anything like the beading im pretty sure im gonna get a pot.

Pete's 53: This is one of my favs and so far i feel its letting me down. The reason i say this is because i had 2 coats of Pete's 53 on my mach 2 and it beaded/sheeted way better on my mustang than it is on my corolla, When it was on my mach 1 it beaded just like Zymol does on the corolla. but fair is fair, the trunk was all prepped the same way and IPAed at the same time.

Fuzion: Again, disappointed at the outcome here, this wax is very coveted and respected as a premium Carnauba and i was expecting more like what we saw out of Zymol. That being said, I WILL NOT give up on Fuzion yet. Fuzion is a pink color and I think one factor of this may be the top of my pot has a whitish color to it, i may need to get a little deeper into the pot to see results like sonic did. (See sonic's date with wolfgang) he got sick beading there, idk why im not.

In conclusion:

This is just a quick test. I plan on a followup test just to insure that my results are valid and consistent.
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