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Hey guys,
I like to find a good combination of right parts. Here are some parts i'am looking at,
AFR 165 emission head.
Holley sysmax upper and lower intake
stock bottom end
power dyne s/c about 10psi (comes with 255lphfuel pump and 19lbs injectors)
70 tb
70 maf
I have bbk long tube exhaust manifolds
I think thats all i need, well i hope

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TFS heads
nice intake
custom grind cam
vortech or procharger (not a powerdyne fan)
do a compression/leakdown to see if it is safe to put this on your stock bottom end
big tb
huge maf
that should get you there

on a different note you havent even mentioned accompanying things like suspension, tires, transmission, subframe connectors, torque box reinforcement, with this power you will need all of that

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ditch the

youll need at least a 185cc head if not more,

as stated id do a custom grind or at least a blower girnd from comp or someone

injectors prob 30 or 36lb

and powerdynes just dont seem to last, the belts break, the ones around me i keep hearing of 4-5 times since they have been purchased

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Probably should've got one. I've heard f-cam's are good for boosted applications on a budget.
what the f*** is wrong with you douchebags?
my buddy didn't buy his friggin nmca car, that thing is long gone. he bought a turbo street car.
why should i have gotten a dyno chart for a car that i will never see?
why should i have asked for a dyno chart for something i dont give a **** about?
the guy was knowledgable, and i took his word for it. could he have been mistaken and said F when he meant B or E? yes, do i care? no. i was relaying what i was told by a guy experienced with boosted cars, take it or leave it.
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