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ok so I have a 97 4v motor with a bad main bearing sitting here. I bought a 02 gt shortblock to put in the cobra till i get my teksid rebuilt all forged as I dont want it just sitting around not drivable. So my questions are as follows:

1. The cobra oil pan and oil pump... they ought to bolt right up correct? I ought to use the cobra
dipstick and it still ought to take 6.5 quarts?
2. Are all the holes and bosses the same between blocks for the tensioners? AKA can I just straight
swap em over?
3. I dont like to mess with A/C. Is there a way to leave the ac compressor in the car when I pull
the motor so I dont have to evacuate/recharge the system?
4. I have a p600b ati setup for the motor. How much boost can I SAFELY handle w/ this stock
block? I am not really trying to make a shitload of power or anything so I am trying to be super
conservative. I do want it on the car however. Im running 42 pound injectors and a 255 fuel
5. What clutch should i use. I assume I cant use my 10.5 inch clutch on the 11 inch flywheel. This
probably wont be on the car that long but I assume the cheapo autozone flywheel isnt going to
hold any amount of power. That said... budget oriented.
6. Will here be any problems with the crank pulley? Which one should I use?

ok thanks!!!

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its a long process. Best to keep it 2V IMO. The 4V head on a 2V block is a tedious task. It is very long and requires drilling and taping for tensioners and eveyything.

I would say stay 2V and then swap in the 4V again once its built.
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