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MMFF install and review articles w/dyno graphs

"9 psi of boost, the stock '92 LX kicked out an impressive 392.4 rwhp and a maximum rear wheel torque reading of 487.1 lb-ft. This was accomplished with a stock computer and manual tuning of fuel pressure and timing. "

"Unfortunately, we didn't even get a full chassis dyno run from the car before she kicked the head gaskets. The boost gauge swept--almost instantly--to a whopping 18 psi of boost and then--boom! Speed Dreams' super-clean chassis dyno room was covered with an antifreeze/water mix."

"brand-new AFR 185 heads and a TFS Street Heat intake manifold installed on the stock short-block and were sealed with a set of Cometic head gaskets. Improving the induction jumped the power output from 390/494 to an impressive 465 rwhp and a ground-pounding 517 lb-ft of torque"

1 - 3 of 3 Posts