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As some of you know i have had another 5.4 sitting around that came out of my truck i finally got it to my house and got it up on a stand so i could take a little look inside to see what i had to work with as far as trying to build this bottom end for my car.(Sorry for the camera phone pics)

And this is what i found...

Cylinder 4 and 8 Rod bearing came together and made one.

I think the Crank can be salvaged maybe cut .020-.030

And the Cylinder walls look Good. When i get a chance im going to pull the rest of the rod/main caps along with the heads pull the rods/pistons and take a better look at the cylinder walls and crank and do what i can to fix the crank and maybe just hone the cylinder walls and clean it up and get ready for the day i can afford some nice rods/pistons and arp hardware to throw at it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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