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i have used lots of tmd stuff, it is a great budget line... you arent going to get the absolute perfect quality with those rods but your not paying 1000$ a set!! If your machinest checks them over for you then thats all you need... there is only so many things that could make them "bad"... And those pistons are GREAT pistons, we have used mahle for years with no problems, that is the #1 piston choice for brands like ferrari, and alot of indy cars... All in all those are budjet minded parts, so you get what you pay for.. On a side note,with one of our in house shop cars we did a budget build to see what we could do with that sort of product and the car goes 9s all day long! Its only weak link is the stock mexican block. We have turned up the wick and made high 600hp#s on the dyno but never had the balls to take it to the track like that...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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