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67 Fastback 4.6L SVT Project Follow Along

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Hello all!
I am starting this thread so that you all can see how i am attempting to build an Eleanor Clone with a 2003 4.6L SVT Cobra supercharged engine. This is my first mustang to ever fully restore/build, but i have been restoring cars for the last 18 years. Mustang1 suggested i join this forum so that i could share the project and receive help from the knowledgeable members. I look forward to learning from everyone hear and hopefully i can give back in the near future.

History: This car was acquired from the Unique Performance auction in spring of 2008. The car was sent to a painter in NC in August of 08, but unfortunately, that painter went out of business two weeks later and took the 4,000 deposit with him. Last year i attended Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ and found a great deal on a NOS 4.6L SVT engine for 6,000. After pricing some other options, i decided that the engine was a must have and purchased it. The car will receive RRS suspension in the front, TCP-g bar system in the rear with a 9" rear with 3.55 gears, transmission to be determined, Ron Francis Wiring, TCP power rack and pinion steering, and the rest is to be determined. The car is being put into primer today 12/3/09, and should be painted by the end of next week.
So, here is the project thus far from start(as obtained from Unique Performance) to current status.
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August 09

Making room for the 4.6L. Shock tower kit from RRS



And here is the gorgeous 03 terminator motor.

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:eek: subscribed! this car is going to be awesome! :love :love

Progress 12/3/09

I stopped by the paint shop today and they are still sanding on the car. The car has not been touched since August because i needed them to paint a 66 Corvette before the mustang. Anyway, it should be in primer by early next week. Lots of sanding left to do, but it's starting to get there. The fiberglass deck lid was an absolute nightmare. I recommend using an original metal decklid and bonding a mustang to fear spoiler in place.

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You now qualify for demigod status like Mustang1.
Just out of curiousity; where do you get the Eleanor body parts?
Body Kits

Here is my suggestion concerning Eleanor body kits

sw fabrication makes the best lower and upper side scoops. Their lower scoops are different from others and fit very tight to the body-i have them on my car. These are the people that were originally making fiberglass for unique performance.

I would buy the rest of the kit from mustangs to fear. I know they have a cheesy name, but their fiberglass fits the best. I learned the hard way by using fiberglass fenders and a repop fiberglass deck lid. DON'T waste your time with them! Use a metal deck lid and bond a mustangs to fear spoiler to it. Use good original metal fenders and bond the flares in place with 3m panel adhesive. In addition, mustangs to fear are the only people, that i know of, that make the deck lid end caps that follow the contour of the taillamp panel. All others, including the original shelby fiberglass, leave a huge 1" gap between the taillamp panel and the deck lid end cap on the inside edge.
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You were on Mustang Forums about a year or two ago weren't you? If so didn't you guys buy 2 shells?
Yes, i was posting on i think vmf when i first purchased the car. I actually ended up buying 3 shells. I sold two and kept one fastback and ended up buying a convertible shell last march. It will be built after the fastback is finished. I know there was some animosity towards the people who purchased the unique shells at the time, but i hope we have moved past that at this point. Funny thing is, out of all those shells-60 or more, i am the only person that i know of that is posting the progress on the two that i purchased and kept.
Subscribing to this. she is going to be beautiful
Yeah I don't think they would care over there or over here what kind of shell it is.
Your project looks great!. I'm actually restoring a 67 fastback with a 93 cobra intake (stroked to 418W) conversion with a 5spd. looks like you have a pretty good jump on things. The best of luck...
whos doing the body work for you in Alabama
I am having a small corvette shop do the work. ITs located in alabaster, al. If you need a shop, i recommend cahaba customs.
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