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67 Fastback 4.6L SVT Project Follow Along

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Hello all!
I am starting this thread so that you all can see how i am attempting to build an Eleanor Clone with a 2003 4.6L SVT Cobra supercharged engine. This is my first mustang to ever fully restore/build, but i have been restoring cars for the last 18 years. Mustang1 suggested i join this forum so that i could share the project and receive help from the knowledgeable members. I look forward to learning from everyone hear and hopefully i can give back in the near future.

History: This car was acquired from the Unique Performance auction in spring of 2008. The car was sent to a painter in NC in August of 08, but unfortunately, that painter went out of business two weeks later and took the 4,000 deposit with him. Last year i attended Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ and found a great deal on a NOS 4.6L SVT engine for 6,000. After pricing some other options, i decided that the engine was a must have and purchased it. The car will receive RRS suspension in the front, TCP-g bar system in the rear with a 9" rear with 3.55 gears, transmission to be determined, Ron Francis Wiring, TCP power rack and pinion steering, and the rest is to be determined. The car is being put into primer today 12/3/09, and should be painted by the end of next week.
So, here is the project thus far from start(as obtained from Unique Performance) to current status.
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Went and saw the car again today. I can honestly now say that it is very close to being painted. They worked thier butts off on it this week.

I have decided to make the car into a roller for transport because there is no way that i want it to be on that dolley after paint. Does anybody know if 99 Mustang 17" wheels will have the same bolt pattern as the 67 mustang 5 lugs?

I ordered the rear end kit today. I hope it is worth the money!!!

Yes, 5 lug mustangs have the same bolt pattern. Just backspacing and offset will be different.
Good to know. I just need them for rollers.
I don't know if they will fit the front though without spacers. Most newer wheels require a spacer on the front since the backspacing is over 4.5".
The car will be painted this weekend. 70 degree weather is headed our way.

Color combo-BMW Space gray metallic and Jet Black non-metallic stripes.

Check out how smooth the engine compartment is.

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The car will be painted this weekend. 70 degree weather is headed our way.
I'm hoping mine is getting painted this weekend. Candy Apple Red here :D
Got to meet the guy tomorrow and talk about a price and then send it over Saturday.
I are soooo'z jealouszzz
That is an amazing build. i cant wait to see it done
Your car is still in driveway in primer. I was hoping to see some paint soon. I can only imagine how you feel
At this point all i can do is try to remain calm and have patience. It is so close and he has my 68 convertible in his storage facility. If i blew up on him, it would only make matters worse. It is 99.9 percent ready to be sprayed. However, somehow a 57 corvette jumped in front of it. Go figure. It was painted last week and i cant imagine what the hold up is now. I'm sure another f'ing extremely rare fifties or sixties corvette has emerged from somewhere-amazing. I might be moving out of the country for work in a few months, so I really wish they would hurry up so that i will have time to finish it.
you know how those chevy guys are. Their heart is with the "heartbeat of america" even as its going down the tube.
Do want :yes
Well, i guess that makes me a little strange then, because i have both sixties mustangs and corvettes and had a cobra replica up until this past January. I enjoy both, but i have always managed to squeeze a lot more power out of small block fords over the old bowtie 327s. Not sure why.
Ok, now back on topic. Just got a call from the painter and i am going to do the final inspection this afternoon. Ill post pics if the car looks any different.
yeah i guess I am a little strange also. I got a 50 gmc pickup. But from the begining it was always 60's stangs. Hope the inspection goes well.
We have a 64 GMC pickup and then my 67 at our house.
Car looks awesome and is ready to go. Stripes go on tomorrow. Will update pics then.
Cant wait to see the Photos...
Black is on for the stripes! Almost makes me wish i was painted the entire car black.

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looks good. I cant wait till mine is that far.
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