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I have a 68 fastback with some strange mods. So, replacing parts isn't always straight forward. Now with that out of the way....

The back edge of my fuel tank doesn't line up with the holes in the car. Either a) the tank is a crappy AM tank that's too short, or b) the car has been cut and new holes drilled. Again, strange mods over the years.

All the 65-68 tanks for sale online say 24 1/2" long, but they don't say from where to where. I presume edge to edge but before I buy one, and potentially have to send it back (if my car is the problem), I'd like to ask someone here with a properly fitting 65-68 to measure their tank opening as depicted in the second pic.

If I have a crappy AM tank, I buy a new one. If my car is cut, I get out the welder and some spare sheet metal.


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