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guy with the 89 is selling a 71 mach 1
just got it and realized i was way in over my head
this car is just a shell
when i bought it it had no interior no engine no nothing
i painted the floor pans, put in front seats and a steering shaft
the engine bay was painted by the guy i bought it from
what bothered me though was the rust on the firewall that he tried to cover up with paint
its not pitted so its fine as long as the paints there but in my opinion it looks ****ing annoying
but with a little work the engine bay would be immaculate
dude i bought it from also busted up the trunk lid when his come-along broke
bought it with no title so you'll need to get one if you want it on the road
pretty much if you want a decent start to a really awesome project
you should buy this
ill put the steering wheel in for you but i need to know who im selling it to so i can make the brackets fit for your comfort
itd be alot easier if i could sell it to someone living around north atl
farther south if your willing to make the drive
ill get pictures on here as soon as possible
also still parting out that 89
and im getting rid of anything on that 4 cylinder now so if you want anything (71 or 89)
678 230 8737
any time after 1 on the weekdays
anytime on the weekends
again ill get pictures of both as soon as possible

Semper Fi
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