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71 or 72 Mustang wanted

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1971 or 1972 Mustang wanted: I’m looking for a cheap and restorable Mach 1 or Fastback to replace the project car that was stolen from me. The car does not have to be all there; it does not need the engine or transmission, seats, spoiler, wing, grille, or wheels. It does not need to have a 9” rear end (I still have mine).
I would like the car to have good doors and all of the glass. It could be a 73 car with a 72 or 71 front cap. It MUST have a good title (salvage title is okay).

I may also need a parts car (no title needed). A 1973 car is okay for parts.

My wife is a breast cancer patient going through chemo, so all of my money to restore the car is tied up right now, however I’d like to find a replacement car at this time. Currently, I am in a VERY LOW PRICE budget range.

If you have a car or know of a car, email me at [email protected]

Also email me if you have any information about a faded red fastback with Mach 1 hood, 70’s style Camaro tail fin molded into the deck lid, and fenders cut out for wide tires. VIN: 2F02H187199
At the time it was stolen from Benton, Arkansas, it had a Cadillac 500 engine, TH400 transmission, and no rear end. It has been gone for at least one year and may wind up as a parts car or race car in someone’s back yard. Also, it could have been transported to North Carolina, or taken to a scrap metal yard in Arkansas.

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Sry dude that sucks, I'll check with some guys to see if I can find you a car, and I'll call around to my scrap yards for ya
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