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I did! Haha check my thread out for CEL went away
But it was a faulty o2 sensor.
and while I fixed the blowing up fuse part I couldnt fix the code that came with it until I got every leak near the sensors fixed. Even before and after the sensor within 1 feet can cause the code.
Thanks 03 Christian I have to admit I've neglected my stang for a while now and when I finally went go have the codes read it popped up 7 of them. All emissions related but after reading this thread I found that fuse and sure enough it was blown. I think it may be my canister purge valve seeing as it was the first code that came up a year ago when my light first came on and I "do" smell gas a lot when slow down around 30 mpg. Thanks for replying I'll post on here this weekend after I put the valve on and check my O2 sensors if its resolved
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