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Ok guys,

A fellow car club buddy finally got around to posting his car up for sale on the local (Seattle) Craigslist. Figured I'd share with my MM faithful.

I've seen this car on the track (well, two or three years back... he hasn't run it in quite some time) and it's a strong 10-11 second N/A Fox.

I don't know too much about it's legality on the street, but for a straight line dragmobile, this is a good buy.

Figured I'd give a fellow car club member a helping hand as he is letting go of his pride and joy here

I know a great majority of Mustang enthusiasts would rather build up their own Fox rather than buy someone else's project, but hell if I had 5K to spend on any old drag car out there, this would be highly regarded in my book.

Thought I'd share. :)
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