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I purchased the car last year 50K miles on it Automatic trans and its had a very interesting issue. You can drive it normally and it works just fine, goes as fast as you want. if you really hit the gas the car bogs out at 3K Rpm and above. Like a fuel starvation issue, or a break up in the ignition, shudders. Idles just fine no issues
So far this is what I have done to it.
Replaced Fuel pump, filter and sock in the tank
Went through and tuned it up
plugs, cap rotor, pick up coil in the dist.
New coil, Ignition part that's on the dist.
All new sensors on the engine. Including EGR and all emission stuff
One issue the I need to correct is that the previous owner put headers on it but never put the O2 sensor back in it, just removed it.
It runs better but still has the same issue, I pulled the ECM out of it today to check the 3 capacitors and they look great no leakage at all. Should I replace them anyway since they are 30+ years old?
Need some help to solve this issue.

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