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89 top end kit

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hey guys please help me decide. im thinking about getting a top end kit from late model resto but whinc one . cobra,trick flow ,or holly .. i allready have a bbk intake but i decided to dump it and start new , or should i just keep it and go with a low boost vortech v3 kit . help me spend the $2000 i have in pocket lol thanks guys for any help :eek:
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Blower will make more power, but I didn't know you could get a whole kit for $2k.

Of the three you've listed, I'd probably go Trick Flow, but there's something in the back of my head that's thinking you need different pistons to go with the TF heads. :dunno
that's been flying around here more and more often and it's simply not the case, needing new pistons. Thats why the trick flow "twisted wedge" heads are a much better choice for us mustang guys. Because the valves are in the head a certain way that allows these heads to work on our blocks, even using a 2.02 intake valve....

to the O.P. my vote is TF as well...
I went with Trick Flow and am pretty happy with it, other than they sent the wrong rocker arm studs.

Depending on what you're planning on doing with it, you can come out a little ahead buying parts individually and using a track heat intake and a stage 2 cam (instead of the street heat and stage 1 those kits normally include)

the twisted wedge shouldn't have any issues with hitting factory pistons in an 89 to my knowledge
yeah you can get the vortech sci v3 kit for under 2k 5-6 psi
yeah you can get the vortech sci v3 kit for under 2k 5-6 psi
Is that 50-state legal?
From what I was told by one of the mechanics at Amp Perf. in Phoenix, the track heat top end kit can bolt right up and not have any PTV issues on stock pistons.
Sounds like the TF setup is the favorite choice. That is what I'd do if I had the 5.0 motor as well.

..................................................Nevermind that 351 roller block in the corner.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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