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93 octane

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does anybody know of a website, that will tell you if any stations around your area have 93 octane?
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Not sure about a website. Where do you live?? Every station around me has 93
I live in iowa all the stations have ethonal and I'm wondering if there is some kinda of agreement because of that. we have no mobile or shell stations so I don't know
I am not 100% on this, but the trend I have seen throughout the U.S. seems to dictate that octane ratings for a given geographical area depend on the state and the elevation. Generally speaking, higher elevation areas such as Albuquerque will have lower octane ratings. As far as California goes, I believe there is nothing higher here than 91 octane.
well I know over in Illinois they have 93 and I think when I was in LA they had 93 too
Every state I have been to in the eastern half of the country has 93, however as I traveled west, I noticed the octane ratings decrease a bit. Whether or not this is due to state laws, elevation, etc.. I couldn't say for certain. This is just a trend I have observed throughout my time in differing states.
From my travellings over Christmas, I noticed that East coast has 93 and some places actually had 92 octane, wtf? Illinois is the farthest west place I noticed that had 93 still. Missouri has 91 octane, and I'd imagine it's the same for most of the midwest states west of the Mississippi R. As far as a website, I only know of a website that gives current gas prices for your area, I don't see any octane mentions, but you may be able to find some.

Gas Prices - MSN Autos
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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