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Does anyone have an engine wiring harness diagram or schematic that they can email me, or know of a website that I can go to? I had a '94 Mustang GT as my daily driver, until a guy made an illegal u-turn right in front of me. I had nowhere to go and no time to do anything and I t-boned him. Insurance totalled the car, but I bought it back. I gutted the engine, tranny, computer, and the entire wiring harness. Now I'm going to put it into my '04 Ranger. Painless wiring has a kit that has only the wires I would need, but if I can eliminate some wires from the harness I already have, I can save some money. If someone has a wiring harness diagram that I can follow and trace out all the wires I need and don't need, that would be awesome. I look forward to hearing from some of you! Thanks!

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The Ranger already had a V8 in it, but it was a SBC 350. I know! BOO! HISS! That's why I'm putting the 5.0 into it now! :D
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