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My DD is begging for a new clutch. ('94 5.0L, T-5 WC, 3.73 rear)
I was planning on getting this setup Ford Performance HD Clutch set but after calling a few shops,
I'm questioning it. They use Luk or Valeo clutches and it'll cost me about the same to use theirs vs
my list below. Using their I get a warranty vs basically none if I use my own parts.

I've heard good/bad about both so I'm interested on y'alls feedback.
Which would be the better clutch? Recommend something else?

Planned replacement list (all Ford Per):
HD clutch set
Pilot & throwout bearing
Cast flywheel
Rear main seal
(reusing MM cable)

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The thing is I have no disengagement issues, the clutch feels normal otherwise. There's just this squeak that only goes away when the clutch is depressed. My initial hunch is that it's the pivot ball or weak prongs on the clutch snaptube vidmate fork as the FRPP throwout bearings have a very good reputation.
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