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I have recently been having shifting problems with my 95 Mustang GT AODE. One day I did a tune up and replaced my fuel filter because it hasn't been done on the car since I got the thing 7 years ago. (long over due)... Since I done that I been having shifting problems. In the morning when I drive to work my car drives perfect for about 7 minutes until it warms up. Once it warms up the car wants to shift at a higher RPM around 2500. Also i noticed it will stay in first all the way until I hit 25 MPH. Then it hard shifts into third completely skipping second. Once it started doing this I read some forums and replaced the neutral Switch (also knows as speed range sensor). Thinking that was the problem but still no fix. I was looking at the speedo sensor and I found that the wires on the harness are bare and in one clump. It looks like there are 2 wires but is all together. But my speed gauge works like a champ. I also changed my transmission filter thinking it could be cogged and not getting enough fluid. The fluid level is were it needs to be and the color is nice and red. I dont know what could be causing this... and is getting anyoing driving under 25 MPH at 2500 RPM.

Any ideas before i drive it into a tree? :mad:

Car Info:
Stock 95 Mustang GT Automatic 5.0 5 speed
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